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Sajjad Haider’s dedicated Tax Team is ready to assist and advise you on all aspects of tax compliance in Dubai.

In 2018, when the UAE implemented Value Added Tax, we are grateful to have been able to advise our clients on how to ready their accounting, supply chain, and information technology systems for the new governmental requirements.

In addition to Value Added Tax, we also help our clients with various mandatory compliance requirements under the UAE’s Excise Tax Law, ranging from product registration to physical verification of inventory.

As of 30 of September 2022, UAE has signed Double Taxation Treaties with 137 countries of the World. These agreements aim to counterbalance the taxes paid in one of the two countries by allowing adjustments in the other country.  We assist foreign entities and natural persons resident in the UAE to obtain Tax Residency Certificates, in order to benefit from Double Taxation Treaties.

Since the implementation of UAE Economic Substance Regulations in April of 2019, we have been guiding and helping our clients with their filing and reporting obligations.  These regulations effectively impose a requirement for the entities in UAE (including offshore companies and branches of local and foreign companies) to maintain economic substance within the UAE which is specific to each relevant activity.

For financial years commencing on or after 1 June 2023, UAE Corporate Income Tax will be implemented across all relevant sectors at the rate 9% which will be calculated over and above the taxable net income of US$ 100,000.  This in turn, will impact the relevance of Transfer Pricing for foreign businesses transacting in the UAE. With detailed implementing regulations expected in the near future, we are positioned to assist our clients with their preparedness, as we did with Value Added Tax.  Further, given our access to tax professionals across the Globe, we have a multi-national service depth.

For more information on how we can help you and a complimentary consultation, Mr Adil Abbasi is at your service.

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